What nutrients are essential for indoor plants

Nutrients are always essential for every living thing. We, humans, eat different types of food to survive. From these foods, we get different types of vitamins and minerals. These minerals are required to live a healthy and long life. The same rule applies to the plants they need vitamins and minerals to grow healthy. Then we eat the food that grows on these plants to full fill our nutrients need.

If we do not give nutrients to plants that produce fruits than the fruit neither grows healthy and nor contains nutrients.

For indoor plants, it is important for you to give them all the essential nutrients. because when you grow outside in the open field. growing plants get all the necessary nutrients for the soil. Our soil has every single nutrient in them that is required to grow plants. but in indoor gardening, we grow plants in pots.

Indoor growers use soil and other manmade growing mediums. If you use soil in container gardening you need to give fewer nutrients to the plant in the first grow. Whereas if you use hydroton, perlite, or another growing medium you need to give the plants all nutrients form the first day because they do not contain any nutrients.

There are some main nutrients that every plant needs the most and that are NPK.

NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.

Plants that are grown in Hydroponic systems also need NPK and you need to give them NPK in liquid form. Because in Hydroponic plants get all the essential nutrients from the nutrient-rich water. Basically all liquid nutrients are made for hydroponic systems.

weather it is DWC hydroponics or NFT nutrients are the same

Essential nutrients

Every plant produces green color leaves and to develop green foliage plants need Nitrogen in high quantity. This is the reason when you grow lettuce at home you are advised to give high nitrogen fertilizers to growing lettuce.

The second essential nutrient is phosphorous and it is required to develop plant tissues that are responsible for photosynthesis.

The third important nutrient is potassium it helps the plants to carry out all essential reactions like photosynthesis, transporting nutrients to all different parts of the plants.

There are many micronutrients that are also required for the good health of plants.

The good news is when you buy a bottle or bag of NPK fertilizers they contain all other micronutrients in them along with trace elements. Boron, Zinc, Cl are the trace elements there are required in very limited quantity. If the soil does not have them it does not affect your plant health.

Nutrient deficient plants

Plants that do not get enough nutrients are called nutrient deficient plants. Most of the time indoor plants became nutrient deficient due to the lack of Indoor gardening experience. If the plant your growing indoors shows yellow color leaves, improper growth than the reason might be lack of nutrients.

Expert advice

Before choosing any plant for indoor gardening know about its nutrient requirements. Professional growers always check the nutritional and environmental requirements of plants before selecting them to grow in their gardens.

For example, Flowers need fewer nutrients than vegetables. Fertilizing the flowers once in 60 days is enough. Whereas vegetables need more nutrients because they are eatable things. They need more nutrients to grow big in size and disease-free.

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